Marvel Movies Will Move from Netflix to Disney's Streaming Service in 2019

In recent years, Disney announced a deal with Netflix to add its movies to the streaming service shortly after leaving theaters. However, that deal will end in 2019, when Disney pulls its library from Netflix and launches its own streaming service. Fans have wondered if the Marvel Studios films are included under this. Now, it’s confirmed.

Disney CEO Bob Iger at an L.A. conference (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the studio will move all of its movies, including Marvel films, from Netflix onto its untitled streaming service, which launches in late 2019. There will be 500 Disney films on the platform. Additionally, there will be 4-5 original movies, 4-5 original television shows, and 3-4 TV movies. It’s unknown how many of these, if any, would be Marvel related.

Currently, the only Marvel Studios movies on Netflix are Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. There’s also ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and five Netflix original shows; it’s unlikely that these will be affected by Disney’s streaming service.

So, if you still want to (re-)watch your favorite Marvel movies on Netflix, you only have a couple years left to do it. Better get to it.

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