SMALLVILLE Star Tom Welling Has Some Ideas About a Potential Appearance on THE FLASH

Ever since the start of The CW’s shared universe of DC shows – dubbed the Arrowverse – fans have wanted to see Tom Welling reprise his role as Clark Kent/Superman from Smallville. The actor turned down the chance to appear on Supergirl, while he did join Vertigo series Lucifer this season. However, it turns out Welling isn’t completely opposed to returning to the DC Multiverse.

Speaking with Nuke the Fridge at a Fox Fall TV party, Welling had this to say after a lengthy conversation about The Flash and the Multiverse. “I am willing to go on The Flash and I have a few ideas on how it can happen if the network asks me. In fact, I think I can make it happen.”

The Flash has heavily dealt with the concept of alternate universes since its second season. In fact, that’s how Supergirl was able to cross over with the other shows. They can easily depict the world of Smallville as one of these alternate Earths, setting up a crossover. Or, they can have Welling play an entirely new character who lives on Earth-1. Who knows.

Stay tuned for more as we have it. Do you want to see Tom Welling’s Superman return on The Flash?

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