OFFICIAL: 7 Days of THOR: RAGNAROK on Astonishing Marvels

Thor: Ragnarok is almost upon us. To celebrate the God of Thunder’s third film; the crew here at Astonishing Marvels will be bringing you 7 Days of Thor: Ragnarok. Every day we will have original content related to both Thor and the Hulk leading up to Ragnarok’s release.
The countdown to Ragnarok begins Saturday, October 28th and ends Friday, November 3rd. We’ll have one post per day ending with our review of Thor: Ragnarok! Down below we have a tentative schedule for 7 Days of Thor: Ragnarok on Astonishing Marvels.
Day 1: Thor (2011) Review
Day 2: Hulk (2003) Review
Day 3: Thor: The Dark World Review
Day 4: Thor: Tales of Asgard Review
Day 5: Planet Hulk Review
Day 6. The Incredible Hulk Review
Day 7: Thor: Ragnarok Review
We’re excited to look back at both Thor and Hulk’s previous adventures as we prepare to go on a brand new one.
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