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Directed By: Ang Lee

Hulk(2003) is the first live action movie that brings the famous green avenger to the big screen. Unfortunately, it sorely does Hulk a true injustice.
Hulk is a hidden marvel of a superhero. He’s an extraordinary scientist and doctor as Bruce Banner, who in a mishap with radiation is mutated into an enormous green monster, with super human strength that can increase depending on his rage. He’s a hero in both realms of superherodom and in nuclear research. With most story lines however, the transformation from scientist to Hulk greatly limits his communication skills, and sometimes intelligence as the green giant.
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I will give Ang Lee tons and tons of credit here. He did wonders with directing this horrendous script. The artistry was astounding with the comic strip feel. The visual effects were fantabulous as well. With a better script, and a better Bruce Banner, I really think this movie could have been a huge success. He really made some strides to make some scenes great, like Hulk’s fight with the mutant dogs.

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Let’s talk about the script now. The script involves way too many small details, and overall, butchers Bruce Banner’s/Hulk’s story. The story progresses too slowly, has too many complications, lacks much of Hulk’s action first personality and just plain sucks. The film has achieved much acclaim due to the complexity, but each person has their own opinion, and the complexity just doesn’t match up to the Hulk personality we all love.

My Rating: 2/5 stars
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Needless to say, I am happy we have the Mark Ruffalo edition of Bruce Banner/Hulk. Marvel Cinematic Universe has done so well with his rendition of the fabulous Green Goliath. And you can catch the next movie starring Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Thor: Ragnarok in theaters next week. Stay tuned tomorrow for our review of the second Thor movie, Thor: The Dark World tomorrow, right here at Astonishing Marvels.

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