SHAZAM! Audition Tape Suggests a Shazam Jr. Connection

Director David F. Sandberg‘s Shazam! is quickly moving toward production. Previously, we’ve reported on the Billy Batson casting process, the lighter tone Sandberg wishes to achieve, and the film’s working title. Now we have word on another character in the movie, thanks to an exclusive from Omega Underground.

A recent audition tape from actor Brendan Heard (which has since been taken down) contained line reads for a character named “Frank.” Frank’s lines indicate a disability, which leads most to conclude that this audition is for none other than Freddy Freeman, aka Shazam Jr. In the comics, Freddy was saved by Captain Marvel while drowning in a lake. He had a crippled leg, but later gained superpowers by saying Captain Marvel’s name aloud.

Freddy has appeared in a number of animated projects over the years, but Sandberg’s adaptation will mark his first live-action outing.

Shazam! (working title) hits theaters in 2019.

Source: Omega Underground

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