JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Henry Cavill Talks Superman’s “Rebirth” and Hopes for That MAN OF STEEL Sequel

Henry Cavill’s Superman began DC Films’ shared universe, paving the way for more superheroes. His death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice inspires Bruce Wayne to form a team with these heroes, leading us into Justice League. The Man of Steel was almost completely absent from that movie’s marketing, but without going into spoilers, Superman is back and better than ever.

Speaking with LA Times, Cavill discusses Superman’s characterization in Justice League, saying that it’s a “rebirth” of the hero. “He’s definitely different from previous incarnations. I feel like this is the natural progression from the end of Man of Steel into what he is now. This is a rebirth of the character, to coin the DC comics franchise right now: It’s a refresh. This movie highlights the qualities of Superman that exist in the comic books. That’s something I’ve always been very keen to highlight in the character. This rebirth provided the opportunity for me to play those characteristics.”

Cavill goes on to talk about collaborating with Joss Whedon, who directed the Justice League reshoots. He says that the two saw eye-to-eye on how Superman should be portrayed. The film has a much more traditional take on Superman, who is already one of the most praised aspects from the movie.

With Superman now back in the land of the living, how about that Man of Steel sequel? Despite being a “top priority” last year, it was recently said that the movie doesn’t even have a script yet. But Cavill hopes to do it, confirming that he’s under contract for at least one more film. “There’s a wonderful opportunity to tell the Superman story. Now there is a fantastic chance to show Superman in his full colors and tell a very complex, character-driven movie that is based on story and have that wonderful sensation of hope and happiness. A feel-good movie with lessons laced in there as well.”

For the Justice League producer’s comments on exactly why Superman was resurrected and more comments from Cavill, click HERE.

Justice League is in theaters now, and hopefully, the next Superman movie will arrive in the near future.

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