SUICIDE SQUAD: That Joker Batsuit Was Never Actually in the Movie

There was a lot of merchandise released for the Suicide Squad movie last year, but there was one thing that caught fans’ attention. Hot Toys released a figure of Joker wearing a Batman suit, covered in classic Joker colors and graffiti. Funko released a Pop! figure with the same design for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. This Batsuit never appeared in Suicide Squad, and considering all that has been cut from the movie, was it ever going to? Turns out it wasn’t.

Writer-director David Ayer set the record straight on Twitter, saying that the Joker Batsuit was never actually made for the movie. Rather, it’s just a toy gimmick. Not the most shocking news in the world, but nice to have some clarification.

 Do you wish that the Joker Batsuit was in Suicide Squad?

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