The Watchtower of Babel News Crew Weighs in on JUSTICE LEAGUE

After countless years in development hell, Warner Bros. has finally released a Justice League movie. The film unites Batman, Wonder Woman, and other iconic DC superheroes to form a team protecting Earth from the invasion of Steppenwolf. Despite some audience buzz, the movie has earned mixed to negative reviews from critics, while its $96 million opening weekend is the lowest in DC Films’ history.

But what did we at Watchtower of Babel News think of Justice League? Below, some of the site’s writing staff share their individual thoughts on the movie. You can also check out Mike’s full review HERE.

Justice League is a worthy film for DC’s iconic team and one of DC Films’ most enjoyable installments to date. While it deals with a formulaic storyline and some unfinished CGI, the movie is elevated by its cast of wonderful characters and exhilarating action sequences. As a diehard DC fan, this movie is a dream come true. I hope to see much more from these characters in the future. Also, stay throughout the entire credits. You’re welcome. – Paul

What can I say about Justice League? I hated it, I absolutely hated it. From the opening shot of Henry Cavill’s weird CGI face, I knew I was in for a bad time and this movie never turned around. The dialogue was forced, the jokes were bad (Really Joss, a Flash/Wonder Woman sex joke?), the villain was weak, the characters went out of their way to be unlikable and the special effects would have looked out of date in 2007 to say nothing of 2017. I honestly don’t care if this is the end of DC films because quite frankly that was the end for me. These people have no idea what they’re doing, and I don’t think that’s going to change. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t bother. – Jason

Justice League is the first clear indicator of DC’s course correction. It has a lighter tone, a more positive message, and characters you actually like (unless you’re Jason). Unfortunately, you can feel the changes that were made, and it doesn’t always work. It’s a film that got caught in between the transition from the dower tone of Batman vs Superman to something closer to Wonder Woman. I think it’s a step in the right direction, but at this point, it might be too late. – Mike

Justice League reaches its peak when the team comes together. What you pay for doesn’t really disappoint. But as a film, it’s definitely flawed. The storyline is rushed, the villain is worthless, and some of the effects are subpar. And while some of the humor definitely hits, the amount of it compared to previous DCEU installments featuring some of these same characters was a bit jarring. – John

Justice League was amazing. The cast fit perfectly together, I couldn’t have imagined a better combination to represent my favorite team of super heroes. It was so great to see them in action from the animated TV series and movies I grew up watching. There were flaws yes. But none of them could drown my excitement about getting to see the Justice League in action. I can’t wait to see it again. – Katie

I won’t see Justice League until it hits Blu-Ray, but can I just say… I thought Danny Elfman’s score was KILLER? Some people were calling it “bland” and “lazy.” But all I could hear was the emotional depth, the ethereal storytelling, and the hints of hope and nostalgia. I find it a welcome addition to the DCEU, regardless of how people felt about the movie. – Landon

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