Confirmed: Superman’s Black Suit Was Cut From JUSTICE LEAGUE

Before Justice League was released, Warner Bros. kept Superman’s role shrouded in secrecy, leading to much fan speculation. One of the most popular theories was that Superman would be wearing a black suit when he was resurrected, just like in the comics. Of course, the movie came and went, with no black suit in sight. But that wasn’t always the plan.

Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner confirms to Inverse that they did shoot some scenes with Superman’s black suit, but they were cut. “There were [scenes shot]. It’s a cool looking costume. Sadly we didn’t see that either in the final cut.” The exact context of the black suit in the movie wasn’t shared, but it’s a shame we never saw it.

As we all know by now, a lot of scenes and characters were cut from Justice League. One of those scenes was from the San Diego Comic-Con trailer, where we see Alfred talking to an unknown character. The scene drove fans crazy in speculation, with many expecting the character to be Superman. Wagner says that he enjoyed doing that scene, but doesn’t confirm who Alfred was talking to. “It was a great scene to shoot. It was one of my favourites and also didn’t make it.”

Hopefully, we’ll see the black suit and other scenes on the home video release. Another extended cut, maybe?

Stay tuned for more as we have it. Justice League is in theaters now.

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