KITTY PRYDE Movie from DEADPOOL Director in Development at Fox

Despite its pending acquisition by Disney, Fox is still moving forward with multiple Marvel projects. Three X-Men related films are coming this year, with Gambit arriving next year. Additionally, films like Doctor Doom and X-Force are still in development. Now, we have another title to add to the list.

According to Collider, Deadpool‘s Tim Miller is developing a film about Kitty Pryde as a potential directing vehicle. The site cautions that the movie could very well be affected by the Disney/Fox deal, and it may either look very different after the merger or may not even happen at all. But, at the moment, Miller is “actively” pursuing it.

Kitty Pryde, who has used aliases like Shadowcat and Sprite in the past, has been one of the key female players in the X-Men universe. She was played by Ellen Page in 2006’s The Last Stand and 2014’s Days of Future Past. It’s unknown if Page will reprise the role here, but with many recent X-Men films recasting key roles (and Disney possibly severing ties with the old series after the acquisition), it wouldn’t be shocking if a new actress is cast.

Other details about the film, including a screenwriter and production start date, are currently unknown. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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