Rumored New DC Films Slate Revealed; Official MAN OF STEEL 2 and NIGHTWING News Soon?

In the aftermath of Justice League‘s poor box office results, the future of the DC Films lineup has been unclear. Warner Bros. is moving forward with three movies next – Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 2 – with development on others underway; for example, Flashpoint just got two directors. Now, a new rumor offers clarification on exactly which DC movies are “officially” happening and which ones may not.

According to Revenge of the Fans, DC Films’ official slate for now is only made up of six movies: AquamanShazam, Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Flashpoint, and The Batman. As we all know by now, WB has reportedly put more than a dozen DC movies into development, but not all of them will actually happen. They’re being developed by writers/producers, and they’ll only get the greenlight if they’re ready. Plus, many films are competing against each other, such as the three Harley Quinn-centric spinoffs.

Fortunately, ROTF says that two more DC movies will soon be added to the official slate: Man of Steel 2 (not the actual title) and Nightwing.

Following positive responses to Superman in Justice League test screenings, DC planned to announce a release date for the character’s next solo film this month. However, Justice League‘s reception did impact that planned announcement, possibly including negotiations with a director. And yet, the film is still expected to get an official announcement with a release date and director soon.

Meanwhile, Nightwing is reportedly “very close” to getting an official update. This goes along with what director Chris McKay said about expecting “more concrete info” about the movie in February. Either way, it looks like DC’s film slate is going to get an official update very soon.

Additionally, ROTF says that DC is planning an online news show. It’ll be similar to DC All-Access, but it would put more focus on exclusive content and major news announcements. This is said to be part of the company’s intentions to control the public narrative about these films, cracking down on leaks, and more.

Assuming that this rumor is true, expect DC to make some sort of official announcement(s) soon. Stay tuned for all that and more.

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