JUSTICE LEAGUE Deleted Scene Features Superman’s Black Suit

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. heavily edited Justice League, leading to many scenes ending up on the cutting room floor. Only about two minutes of deleted footage is actually making it onto the home video release, while there seem to be no plans to put out a (non-existent?) Zack Snyder cut. Today, a portion of the deleted scene was released online, and it features one thing fans wanted in the original cut.

Entertainment Weekly has released the deleted scene, and it features Superman inside the Kryptonian ship to get his suit. In the background, we see Kal-El’s black suit, though he doesn’t actually put it on. This Easter egg and the wonderful Hans Zimmer score make this scene very memorable. The full version will be available in the home video release.

Fans have long speculated that the black suit would tie into Superman’s resurrection, like in the comics. After the movie’s release, it was confirmed that there were scenes shot with the suit, but obviously didn’t make it into the final cut. Thankfully, we now have at least one of those scenes.

Justice League will hit digital stores on February 13th, with the Blu-Ray and DVD arriving on March 13th.

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