SUICIDE SQUAD Star Joel Kinnaman Teases a More Grounded Sequel

Suicide Squad was a big hit a couple years ago, but the film definitely wasn’t without its problems. The DC movie was criticized for many things, but particularly its over-the-top third act. The film was very fantastical and heavy in CGI, which is not what fans might expect from a story starring the Suicide Squad. Fortunately, it looks like that will be rectified in the sequel.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies UK, Rick Flag actor Joel Kinnaman admits that the third act was where Suicide Squad went wrong. As for how the sequel will improve upon the original, Kinnaman suggests that it will have a more grounded tone. “It was a great set-up, great characters. I think when we do the second one I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a more grounded version of the film. The characters are so extreme it could be more effective if we saw less sorcery. I think the characters become more extreme if you see them in conjunction with real people.”

This would be an ideal direction to take the sequel. In other media, the Suicide Squad is known for grittier and more grounded missions compared to other DC characters. So, it only makes sense that a live action movie would do the same. Then again, the sequel is rumored to debut Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, so who knows.

Gavin O’Connor is writing and directing Suicide Squad 2, which will star at least some of the first movie’s ensemble cast. Production is expected to begin sometime this fall.

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