Ava DuVernay to Direct THE NEW GODS Movie for Warner Bros. and DC Films

Warner Bros. is adding yet another project to the DC Films slate, and this is a big one.

According to Deadline, Ava DuVernay is set to direct a new movie starring Jack Kirby’s New Gods. The search is underway for a screenwriter, who will collaborate with DuVernay in creating the story.

The New Gods are part of Kirby’s Fourth World Saga, a series of comic book arcs telling the history of New Genesis and Apokolips. Characters like Orion, Big Barda, Darkseid, and many more are heavily involved. DC Films previously scratched the surface of this mythology with Steppenwolf and the Parademons in Justice League, which also namedropped Darkseid.

DuVernay is best known for directing Selma and A Wrinkle in Time. With the latter, she became the first woman of color to direct a $100 million+ movie. And now, she gets to tackle a very unique corner of the DC Universe.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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