Reshoots Led to X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX and NEW MUTANTS Delays

This week, Fox made the surprise announcement that two X-Men centric films have been pushed back. Dark Phoenix, which was scheduled for this fall, will now release on Valentines Day 2019. Meanwhile, The New Mutants (which was already delayed 10 months) was moved to August 2nd, 2019. Naturally, this led to fans speculating as to why these delays were made. Now, we have an answer.

According to Collider, Fox delayed Dark Phoenix to allow more time for reshoots and post-production. Following a test screening, it was decided that the film should undergo additional filming. However, the reshoots won’t happen until August or September, due to the cast’s schedules. (For example, Sophie Turner is shooting the last season of Game of Thrones this year.) So, the studio decided to push back the film a few months to give everyone more time.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that the third act specifically needs reworking, thus the reshoots. The additional filming is expected to cost less than $10 million. Also, the site adds that Kinberg and Fox were hoping for a new release date anyways, in order to avoid competition with Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

As for The New Mutants….well, Collider says that those reshoots will be much more drastic. As previously reported, Fox wants to make the film scarier, with the intention to have it “tonally distinct” like Deadpool and Logan. Now, however, the studio may reshoot at least 50% of the movie. The reshoots are expected to add 1-2 new characters who will be there throughout the whole film. These changes have led to some creative differences between the studio and director Josh Boone.

So yeah, a lot of things are happening behind the scenes of these movies. Hopefully, everything will work out and both films are successful. But in the meantime, stay tuned for more as we have it.

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