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Hi all! Me again. First of all welcome back to our 20 Days of Infinity War series! Second of all, lemme just say watching this movie first instead of Ultimate Avengers II would have really helped my review of it I did here. Not by much, but a little!
We begin at the end of World War II, where Captain America saves his men from the Ji’Tari Nazis, but ends up in the ocean, frozen. We go to the present, where Bruce Banner is studying the super soldier program, and Fury is searching the bottom of the ocean, looking for I assume, Captain America. He finds him, they defrost him, but not before the Chitauri return, causing Nick Fury to initiated Project: Avenger!
Banner begins decoding the super soldier serum from Captain America’s blood, but secretly he’s hoping he can use it to fix his little green problem. Banner is taking medicine to prevent him from transforming into the Hulk.
This is weird to me, mainly because the Fury in MCU begs the S.H.I.E.L.D. council to begin the Avenger Initiative, so for him to not want to begin it in this movie was off-putting to me. But, this movie came first, so I guess the MCU is weird!
Captain America and Fury gathers Iron  Man, Giant Man, Wasp, and Black Widow to begin the Avengers, along with scientists Betty Ross and Bruce Banner. They try to recruit Thor, but he’s intent on environmentalist protests. The team’s first mission is to capture a Chitauri spy that is trying to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites, but ultimately they fail because no one listens to Captain America, instead they listen to only their own egos. The Avengers team disbands, as Giant Man gets fired, Iron Man resigns, and Captain America resigns unaccepting of the changes in his life.
Fury calls Banner and demands he start the super soldier program on 12 candidates, and Betty figures out that Banner has only modified the serum for one person, himself. Bruce steps into the rebirth chamber, and comes out as the Hulk, but with Bruce Banner in control.
The Chitauri begin to attack, and Fury, and  Black Widow lead the defense to protect against the invaders, but they’re failing. But as the fight goes on, each Avenger shows up, and Thor presents himself as well. They send the invaders’ ships crashing into the ocean. Banner loses control of the Hulk, and the violent, childlike Hulk comes out, killing all of the Chitauri. But instead of calming down after the enemy is gone, he begins to lash out on the Avengers. After an interesting scene, the Avengers manage to knock the Hulk down with a high dose of Banner’s medication.
The scene ends with Banner locked in a cell, heavily medicated, and the Avengers celebrating their win, and their leader, Captain America.
This movie is better than the second by far. I did not get bored 41 minutes into the movie this time. But it still just isn’t good. The fights are weird, Banner being medicated to stop being the Hulk is just plain wrong. The infighting in the team is par for the course, I’ll give it that. But this movie just isn’t my cup of tea, plain and simple.
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