DC TV News Bits: Rag Doll Comes to THE FLASH; Green Arrow & Black Canary Praise Arsenal

The Flash has a new villain coming to Central City and he’s bound to have the team in knots. According to TV Insider, America’s Got Talent alum Troy James has been cast to play Rag Doll. In the comics, Peter Merkel (Rag Doll) has superhuman flexibility. James is a Contortionist and is the perfect person to play Rag Doll. It will be fun to see what he adds to The Flash.

Moving on to Arrow, you’ll never guess what’s up with Roy Harper this season. That’s what Stephen Amell thinks at least. At Comic-Con International, Amell spoke about having Colton Haynes back. It’s fantastic, man! I love Colton! So having him back is terrific, and — you know — his stuff this season? I could give you an hour to guess, to pontificate as to what he’s going to be doing, and none of you would get it. It’s amazing. What is Amell hinting at? What can Roy’s role possibly be? Is he a member of the League of Assassins, is he a clone ala Young Justice, or is it something else entirely?

Amell wasn’t the only Arrow star singing Haynes’ praises. Juliana Harkavy went on to add: Just as far as the overall feel on set, it’s been great, because everyone loves Colton, I think everybody really missed him, so it feels more like a family with him and it feels more complete with him. Fans have been waiting for the return of Arsenal for a long time. It looks like it won’t disappoint.

Sources: TV InsiderCBR

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