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New Details on Alfred Prequel Series – PENNYWORTH

If you didn’t know, everyone is getting a television series. The latest DC character to grace the silver screen is everyone’s favorite butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Now, Pennyworth is not a Gotham spin-off, so don’t expect Sean Pertwee to play the titular character. But thanks to the good people at That Hashtag Show, we have some new information on the series.

I always imagined Pennyworth being DC’s Downton Abbey, but alas, it won’t be. The series will take place in London starring an Alfred in his mid 20s. Hashtag Show says: (Pennyworth) is a former SAS member who ran highly classified missions for the British government, Alfred is trying to reconcile the kind-hearted boy he once was with the ruthless killer he was forced to become. The series will also focus on Alfred struggling with his father’s wishes of becoming the next Pennyworth to serve the Wayne family.

Thomas Wayne will play a major role in the series as we becomes a close friend of Alfred. The two will go on a search for Thomas’ sister Patricia. The series will have Thomas, Alfred, and others face the Raven Society.

Pennyworth will begin production in November and is targeting a fall premiere on Epix.

Source: That Hashtag Show 

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