DC UNIVERSE – Is It Worth It?

DC Universe is the one stop shop for all things in the world of DC Comics. Or at least it’s supposed to be. The streaming service has a ton of comics, movies, and shows that will make both old and new fans happy. That being said, it does suffer from a few major problems. Is it worth its lofty price tag or should you skip it entirely? We’ve pushed DCU to the brink this past month, making sure that it’s worth every penny.

As of the writing of this review, DCU is available on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, IOS, Android devices, and of course worldwide web (assuming the US is the world). While that’s a solid list of options, it still is unavailable on game consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Amazon Devices, and Google Chromecast. It’s extremely concerning because Fire TV was promised to be available at launch and it’s still not up and running. Google Chromecast is also a strange omission considering it’s working on all Android devices.

So, if you do happen to have one of the devices that does have DCU, how does it work? Well, the design is very familiar. It’s a cross between Netflix and Comixology. It’s easy to use when everything is running smoothly. The only problem is that it rarely runs smoothly. The app sticks when trying to scroll to the next topic, and both rewinding and fast-forwarding is a hassle. Once you get a video playing then it’s solid, but I wouldn’t dare rewind after I already started. As for the comics, they work similar to Kindle or Comixology. Not nearly as smooth, sometimes it doesn’t want to scroll and the at times it skips pages. I’ve also noticed a bit of lag when using it on Roku compared to my Laptop, Kindle, and Android phone.

DC Universe has a chance to be something special. The cross from print and film is a great concept. Being able to want a Batman movie and then reading the series that inspired it is a truly amazing experience. If they can work out the bugs, we might have a winner. This is still very early in the app’s launch, so I’m sure these issues will be fixed fairly soon. Still, $75 is a lot to ask for when it’s not available on all devices, plus all of the technical issues. Until things get worked out, I would suggest holding off for right now. Maybe we’ll do a follow-up review in six months or so.

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