In the second half of Arrow season 6 (check out our mid-season review here), Team Arrow has an all-out Civil War. Cayden James is not the main villain as we previously thought. In a surprise twist, Ricardo Diaz rises to the forefront. Oliver loses his team’s trust (again), all while dealing with his impending impeachment. Arrow season 6 was a rollercoaster ride, but was it enjoyable?

With Diaz taking over as head of the league of villains, we once again have an enemy that can go toe-to-toe with the Green Arrow. Oliver has decided to do this job solo after a huge (and a little contrived) falling-out with the team, including Diggle. With Team Arrow divided, Star City is right for the taking. Diaz and Black Siren basically run the city. Cops, City officials, even news anchors are under his thumb. Meanwhile, Quinton is trying to pull the good out of evil Laurel Lance. The Quinton/Laurel dynamic wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked it to be. We never feel empathetic for Laurel. Instead, we feel bad for Quinton for having such a crappy life.

One of the things that really stuck out this season is the friction between the team. I think an “Arrow Civil War” could’ve worked but it just felt tired and worn out. Ever since season 2 we’ve had the “Oliver doesn’t trust the team” story. By the time they delve into in an in-depth way, we’re sick of it. Same with Ricardo Diaz. He’s no better than Brother Blood, Adrian Chase, or Ra’s Al Ghul. He’s just another thug that wants to take over the city. Much like the Civil War plot, this might’ve worked if this was season 3 instead of season 6.

Diaz is an intimidating villain though. He’s both calm and hot-headed. He joins a long list of good Arrow antagonists. I do wish that we got a little more from Caden James, but in some cases, less is more. The same can be said for the mayor Queen storyline. There was so much back and forth on if his identity would be revealed. Looking back, it would’ve been better to just keep the reveal from the season premiere.

Overall, Arrow season 6 is another solid entry. It was a little repetitive at times but was still worth watching. The ending was fantastic but I hope it sticks longer than the season 7 premiere (looking at you Flash). We’ll be back next season for more Arrow.

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