Anime Review: AJIN Season 1

Ajin (or Ajin Demi-Human as it’s also called) is about of group of demi-humans, where their crime is being unable to die like a normal human being.

As someone that is usually not a fan of CGI animated series (the Berserk reboot is a perfect example of that), Ajin is one of the exceptions to the rule I supposed. The biggest reasons why I have such a bad taste in my mouth is the style of animation.

CGI is something that is perfect for animated movies and live-action films that needs the use for it for whatever reason. But when it comes to TV, especially animation, CGI can be very jarring due to budget. But Ajin manages to make it work. However, I cannot blame you if you dislike it. The animation reminds me of the Star Wars Resistance animated show but better, and that kind of style has always being 50/50 (or at least what I’ve noticed).

The story is rather straightforward, which works for its story purpose. In a sense, you can explain it as Marvel’s X-Men meets the RoboCop. X-Men because of the themes, and RoboCop because of the tone. It has one of the most charismatic villains I have ever come across, which is always a plus in my mind.

I saw the season in both Japanese and English, and the actors on both sides did a good job. I will give the Japanese actors a bit more credit to them though. But that could be personal difference.

Season one and two are available on Netflix and are both 13 episodes each. If you long for more X-Men/RoboCop type of content, I would recommend it. Just beware of the animation 

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