Yes, I know that Hellsing Ultimate is not the first attempt to adapt the Hellsing manga to an anime. But considering I don’t own a copy of Hellsing, I won’t review it. I promise that I will review it next year if I get my hands on a copy or find it on a streaming platform.

Hellsing Ultimate is focusing on the Vampire Alucard, who works for the Hellsing Corporation, because of an event that happened between him and an ancestor to Integra Hellsing. It’s up to the Hellsing cooperation and Alucard to stop an army of Nazi vampires.

The plot is as stupid as it sounds, but luckily for this anime, it embraces the fact and makes every scene worth watching. It’s a terrifying, yet comedic action anime filled with some of the best choreographic fight scenes I’ve seen in a long while. The show is gorgeously animated, where a lot of shots are downright frame worthy. However, beware for those who don’t like their shows brutal or gory, no matter if it’s animated or live-action.

You have characters and choice of music that feel straight out of Saints Row games. It’s just pure insanity from beginning to end. Subtle wasn’t a word in the dictionary for Kouta Hirano when he created the manga, and the team that adapted the manga make it very clear that they went with the same philosophy. One of the antagonists is a monster that looks like a human with cat ears. The name? Schrödinger (yes he is based on the theory by the same name). Do I need to say more?

If you are confused about all the praise, considering I’m someone that often brings up underwritten characters as a minus, then I can’t blame you. But when something like Hellsing makes it abundantly clear that this isn’t meant to be a show that wants to make you think, I have to critique it for what it wants and strives to be, and Hellsing Ultimate executes that perfectly.

The English voice acting (the only version I have available) is a just pure delight. Every actor eats up every line, and it fits like strawberry icing on a chocolate cake.

If you want some stupid fun, Hellsing Ultimate is definitely a must for you.

If you are interested, you can find it on Amazon.

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