5 Movie Crossovers That Would Be Cool, But Will Never Happen

Crossovers are a novelty that have found much success, especially in movies. Whether it’s Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, or entire cinematic universes based on Marvel and DC superheroes, it’s a trend that excites fans and usually brings in the dough. That trend will continue with the likes of Godzilla vs. Kong and Space Jam: A New Legacy on the way.

Fans will undoubtedly continue to run wild with ideas for more crossovers between their favorite franchises. While there are some that could feasibly happen, there are others that are, for lack of a better term, unrealistic. For one reason or another, there are some crossovers that just can’t happen, no matter how cool they’d be.

Below, we list five movie crossovers that would be awesome, but would never happen.

Star Wars/Star Trek

The two most iconic sci-fi franchises in history, this would be considered a no-brainer for a mega crossover. They both even had J.J. Abrams involved at the same time. However, due to various reasons, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, if ever. They are at different competing studios, for starters. Plus, with Star Wars‘ cinematic future a little uncertain (and a decline in box office no less) and Star Trek focusing on its return to television, there just isn’t any incentive to merge the two.

Fast and Furious/Jurassic Park

These are two of Universal’s biggest franchises. Both have been around for decades. Why wouldn’t they eventually crossover? Well, logistically, it doesn’t make much sense. Sure, Fast and Furious is known for jumping the shark with each subsequent film, but would they really go as far as bringing dinosaurs into the mix? Also, that franchise might be ending with its tenth film (not counting spinoffs), while Jurassic Park/World is still going strong. Sure, money talks, but to what level?

Pacific Rim/MonsterVerse

Legendary has been mapping its own cinematic universe, which will culminate in next year’s Godzilla vs. Kong. But fans have wanted an even bigger crossover with Legendary’s Pacific Rim franchise. Seeing the Jaegers fight Godzilla and King Kong would be cool, but it’s unlikely to happen. Pacific Rim is not a financially successful franchise, while there’s a real chance that the MonsterVerse will end after Godzilla vs. Kong. So, there’s no real reason to do a crossover beyond some fan wishes.


Infestation is an IDW crossover comic that released in 2011. It merged the worlds of G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Trek, and Ghostbusters into a singular story. I won’t go into detail on how difficult that would be to pull off in a movie. G.I. Joe and Transformers can work on their own, since they’re both Hasbro properties. But the others? No. Not to mention, Ghostbusters is at a different studio from the others.


And now the big one. Marvel and DC are the reigning kings of the superhero genre, and no one comes close. And they’re so big on their own, that doing a crossover risks the possibility of being too big. Not to mention, the studios have taken drastically different approaches in years, with Marvel pursuing a singular universe and DC focusing on filmmaker-driven standalones. And come on, will these two competitors really work together anytime soon?

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