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The first wave of the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield DLC brings us to the Isle of Armor. In this mystical island, the player has to take three trials in order to get the secret armor.

I was initially unsure if I should review this DLC or not. But after playing through every mission of it, I found it worth doing a quick review of it on it’s own merit. The side story has its charm, with an environment that would be perfect for a fighting type leader. This island is what the Wild Area should be. Instead of just “grass as long as the eyes can see,” there are caves, seas and forest here to explore.

With every Pokemon story, there is a rival, and this rival is by far the worst of them all. The rival (Kiara if you play Sword, Avery if you play Shield) is a barebones stereotypical rival. He/she talks about how they are superior, only to then fall flat and start panicking. The trials by themselves were enough. If they wanted someone that pushed the character further, more screentime for the sensei would have been enough.

However, with all that being said, The Isle of Armor should have been in the base game. There has been more post-game content in previous entries, not to mention all the puzzles that make up for it in certain areas. Had they released Isle of Armor on its own, similar to how Nintendo offers their DLC fighters either separate or in a bundle with Super Smash Bros., the more appropriate price point would be at tops $10 USD. Hopefully, The Crown Tundra, which is the second and last patch of this DLC, makes up for the $30 USD which is the price for this bundle.

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