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Video Game Review: FAIRY TAIL (2020)

When I saw that Koei Tecmo were assigned on another anime licensed video game, it got my curiosity, due to their Attack on Titan game that I reviewed. But when I found out that it was going to be a game based on the manga Fairy Tail, it certainly got my attention.

Unlike the Attack on Titan game, Fairy Tail does not contain a self-inserted Avatar that follows the main characters around. But like the Attack on Titan game, it does not start where the manga does

Their game adaptation of Fairy Tail starts with what is arguably its main focus, The Grand Magic games, where you have the characters building their guild up from scratch after an incident that happened years ago. While I understand the idea of focusing on the chosen arc as the setting for a video game, I would had rather them tell the anime’s story from episode 1. If I play a Fairy Tail game, my ideal experience would be one where I am able to explore the tale from the very beginning rather than one that throws me face-first into the middle of a saga.

Nevertheless, I can see how that option could be a good way to get new blood interested in this franchise. The battle system can be best described as a turn-based puzzle-fighting hybrid (which is ironic considering the last game I reviewed).

The enemies are placed in different formations within a 9-squared rectangle, with different spells being able to inflict damage in different directions, which requires the mastery of all spells to ensure victory. It is an interesting approach, that I thought work well for what they clearly wanted to accomplish.

That said, however, there are some flaws with this game. The first one comes in the form of loading, at least with the Switch version. They are inconsistent when it comes to their length. Sometimes they could be over rather quickly. Other times, they can take up to a minute or two. It can be exhausting. Another issue that I found was that there was not that much variety in the side quests department. Go from point A to point B, defeat monster and/or receive items then return to the base.

It works within the base story, but for “exploration purposes,” it can be rather tedious. Fairy Tail is, by no means, a horrible game; but it is without a doubt a game that is not worth the full-pop price tag, even if you are a big fan of the Fairy Tail anime like me. If you are still interested in this game, yours truly recommends that you wait till it is discounted.

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