Aaron Eckhart Talks GOTHAM Series And Offers Advice For The Next Two-Face

Aaron Eckhart is perhaps best known for his incredible turn as Harvey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight. Offering a real, gritty version of the character, Eckhart masterfully chronicled Dent’s story arc from his war against crime in Gotham to his fall into madness. So, the fact that he will most likely never reprise the role is certainly bittersweet. 
The subject did come up, however, when MTV spoke with Eckhart at the I, Frankenstein press junket. The site asks specifically if he’d be interested in playing Harvey Dent again in Fox’s upcoming Gotham series, but the actor doesn’t see it happening. “How old is Harvey? I mean, they might want to give it to a younger guy. I feel like I was blessed enough to be in a special version of that, to work with Chris [Nolan], Heath [Ledger] and everybody.” Eckhart then reaffirms that his take on Two-Face would only be for one movie. “I’m done there. I think it was a one-off thing. But it’s always interesting to see who takes it on next, like they’re doing with Batman and Superman.” 

Since Gotham will be set during the early days of Jim Gordon’s time in the Gotham PD, a younger actor would most likely be cast as Harvey Dent. While Dent hasn’t been confirmed for the Batman prequel series, it seems to be a given at some point, especially with iconic villains like Joker and Catwoman appearing. In the meantime, Eckhart offers his advice for whoever plays Two-Face next. “Play it for real. I think Heath set the standard, set the bar for those kinds of movies. Give it everything you’ve got. Don’t treat it tongue and cheek. Chris really was true to the reality of that scene.”

You can see Aaron Eckhart in action once more in I, Frankenstein, which is out today. Gotham is expected to premiere on Fox next fall.

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