Some possible major DC Entertainment news has found its way online. According to Latino-Review, the DC movie that Dwayne Johnson is involved with is none other than Justice League. The Rock has said that he will be working on a DC project this year, but with Batman vs. Superman in production, how can Justice League also be filmed in 2014? Well, it appears that the two movies will be filmed back-to-back, similar to The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit and sequels in the Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises. With Batman vs. Superman set for 2015, Justice League would then be expected for a 2016 release. 
This is a very ambitious move, as both superhero projects are bound to be huge. It would also work fine with the actors’ schedules – Ben Affleck and Dwayne Johnson are busy, while Henry Cavill is now in-demand. Additionally, Latino-Review says that Batman vs. Superman will have an “insane” cliffhanger ending which would lead right into Justice League. The former movie has been rumored to feature a number of Justice League members. In addition to Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, heroes such as The Flash, Green Lantern and Nightwing have been mentioned for appearances. If the big news is true, then perhaps we can see all of these heroes side-by-side in a final scene, leading directly into Justice League. Latino-Review also affirms that the recent Josh Holloway in Batman vs. Superman rumor may not pan out, as the actor will likely be too busy with his new TV series Intelligence.
The site adds that we should take this info with a grain of salt, as it has yet to be officially confirmed. Still, the thought of Batman vs. Superman and Justice League filming back-to-back this year is an exciting one. With Dwayne Johnson said to be involved, perhaps that rumor of his playing Green Lantern had some truth to it? Stay tuned for official news to come soon, as Batman vs. Superman starts production in February.

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