GOTHAM’s Bruno Heller Talks Robin, Ivy and more

show-runner, Bruno Heller, talked with Entertainment Weekly about hit Fox
series and had teased out some information about what’s to come. 

First up, while Bruce Wayne is still a teenager and years
from donning the Cowl Heller plans to introduce Dick Grayson.  In a round-about way by bringing Dick’s parents,
John and Mary, to the show down the line in what he calls a prenatal origin story.  
While he promises “no MRIs” he does
say that we’ll see how the pair of acrobats get together.

Heller then promised a return for Ivy Pepper, the future
Poison Ivy.  
However, when the subject
turned to Ivy’s gal pal, Harley Quinn, Heller said there were currently no
plans for that character to appear this season. 
Harley was teased at a Gotham
panel at New York Comic Con but Heller said that plans have since changed: “That may well have been an issue that came up
and was dropped. We haven’t got Harley Quinn in it. Riddler’s girlfriend is
coming up. And Harley Quinn is definitely planned for later on, but so far no.

Heller then explained: “You can’t just keep pumping these characters into the show in a comic
book sort of way, because you get the
isn’t a bad effect, but then you have spaceships and need to go underwater and
get wacky villains and the rest of it,”
he continued. “You have to work as a character piece first.
First it has to be real.

The show has already introduced quite a number of Batman characters already.  Heller said this was by design to set a tone
and let viewers know it was about building the Batman world and immersing us in
it.  Now that the world is more firmly
established, Heller believes they can be more measured in their approach:
You have to have that amount of
spice in the show to make it pop and different. Once the wheels are turning,
it’s much easier to bring those characters in in subtle, organic ways.

If all goes according to Heller’s plan, Gotham hopefully will continue to entertain audience and build to
something great.

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Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.

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