Jerry Bruckheimer Teams With Fox to Produce GLOBAL FREQUENCY TV Pilot

Deadline reported today that Fox has ordered a pilot based
on Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency produced
by Jerry Bruckheimer. 

Global Frequency
was a twelve issue series written by Ellis and drawn by numerous artists.  It chronicled the exploits of an independent covert
intelligence agency ran by a former spy. 
The organization brings together strangers with highly specialized
talents for specific missions to protect people from other black-ops projects.    It was
published from 2002 to 2004 by DC Comics on the Wildstorm Imprint.

Warren Ellis is a longtime writer for both DC and Marvel;
he’s written titles such as Planetary, Hellblazer and The Authority.  He is no
stranger to film or television adaptation: his “Extremis” storyline inspired Iron Man 3, his graphic novel, Red
which was the basis for the recent Bruce Willis films.  He also wrote the episode “Dark Heart”
for Justice League.  (imdb)

Jerry Bruckheimer is arguably one of the most prolific and powerful
producers in Hollywood History.  He’s
produced films such as: Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  His work in television is equally
successful.  CSI, The Amazing Race
and their spin-offs have been viewed by millions. (imdb)

The pilot will be written by Farscape creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon.  He’s written for numerous television shows
such as; Defiance, Twilight Zone and Alien Nation.  He also wrote the second episode of Constantine, “The Darkness
Beneath.” (imdb)

Fox has found serious success with DC properties with Gotham and DC Properties as a whole
have been extremely successful for quite a while now.  If all goes to plan, perhaps we’ll see Global Frequency on Fox this fall.

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Global Frequency is
currently in development.

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