Peter Stormare Returns to ARROW as Vertigo

As Arrow‘s
mid-season finale airs tonight, CW has released some news for the second half
of season three.  Entertainment Weekly
reported that Peter Stormare will be returning to Arrow.
Stormare played the second Vertigo; born Werner Zytle, he
was a crime lord in Starling City who took over the drug trade from the
original Vertigo.  He appeared in the
season three premiere where he confronted and drugged Oliver while trying to
blow up a stadium.  Oliver fought off the
effects of the drug and left Zytle for the police.
The Swedish actor is known for his roles on Prison Break and Blacklist, he also had
roles in Big Lebowski and Fargo. (imdb)
When the announcement was made, Executive Producer Marc
Guggenheim said; “It’s a thrill to
have Peter Stormare return as Vertigo… When people see this episode, I think
they’ll find that it’s a culmination of a lot of elements that we’ve put into
place in the first 12 episodes of Season 3. For that reason, it felt
appropriate to us to have Peter return since he was the villain of the episode
that kicked off all of this madness. It’s also just a joy to work with him.
Stormare is the latest in a growing list of returning guest
stars this season; most notably Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson  and Alex Kingston as Dinah Lance.
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Arrow returns
Wednesday January 21st, 2015 on the CW 8E and is available

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