Peyton List and Nicholas Gonzalez Join Cast of THE FLASH

As fans of The Flash
settle into the mid-season break, some might be finding the six week wait for
new episodes a little uncomfortable.  Not
to worry, the producers are here with some casting news to tide you over.  Access Hollywood reported today that Peyton
List will be joining the cast as Lisa Snart. 
Lisa is the younger sister of Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold.

The twenty-eight year old Baltimore native has put together
an impressive television resume already. 
After cutting her teeth on shows like Sex in the City, her credits now include runs on shows like Mad Men and 90210.  She’s also worked
alongside Samuel L Jackson in 2012’s Meeting
.  She is likely best known to
fans of The Flash from The Tomorrow People where she starred
alongside Robbie Amell. (imdb)
As Lisa Snart, she’ll be playing the younger sister of
Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold.  Lisa is
described as a “wild child” set on proving she has what it takes to
join her older brother’s gang.  “She is sly, charming, and even a little
sadistic. She’s also not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants,
which will put her on a collision course with S.T.A.R. Labs employee and friend
of The Flash, Cisco Ramon.
Lisa is a longtime Flash villain going back to 1977.  Once a promising figure skater, Lisa turned
to a life of crime and eventually joined the Rogues.  When she was reintroduced in the New 52 she
was given the powers of flight and astral projection.  Her relationship with Leonard also became
more strained.
Peyton joins the cast of The Flash in 2015 during episode sixteen entitled, “Rogue
But wait, there’s more!
As I was writing this article I learned that TVLine announced that Sleepy Hollow actor, Nicholas Gonzalez will also be guest starring
in “Rogue Time” as Cisco’s brother, Dante.  Dante is described as “charming”
and used to being the family favorite. 
He will be thrust in a situation where he has to rely on his little brother
to survive.
Gonzalez is a veteran actor with nearly twenty years of
credits to his name.  In addition to his
recent stint on Sleepy Hollow he
recently guested starred on CW’s other breakout hit, Jane the Virgin.  (imdb)

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