Penguin to Penguin: Danny DeVito Praises GOTHAM’s Robin Lord Taylor

Gotham has been a
success for Fox and DC, and most viewers agree that a lot of that success can
be credited to Robin Lord Taylor’s fantastic performance as Oswald Cobblepot
aka The Penguin.  He’s been both
charismatic and chilling with Penguin and wonderfully devious too. 

One person who is definitely a fan of Taylor is the last man
to play the character: Danny DeVito. 
DeVito brought the Penguin to life in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns opposite Michael Keaton’s Batman.

You can currently catch DeVito on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FXX.  Access
Hollywood caught up with DeVito as he promoted his series last week at the Television
Critics Association Winter Tour and asked about his Gotham counterpart and DeVito was quick to offer praise: “I’ve watched the show. I think he’s a very
good young Penguin. He’s a terrific actor.

They also asked DeVito if he’d like to appear on Gotham and while DeVito didn’t say no
outright his answer of: “I
don’t know about that. Again, it’s all about the schedules and the parts and
like how the thing is written and what it would be and there are so many particulars,

Does not offer a lot of enthusiasm.

After this bit of praise from one bird to another, what do
you think? Who played it better? Let us know, HERE

Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.

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