New TITANS Character Details Reveal The Team's Lineup

It was announced last year that TNT was developing a pilot called Titans, a new take on the fan-favorite group Teen Titans. The potential series stars Dick Grayson as he takes on the identity of Nightwing, while Starfire and Raven were previously confirmed to be a part of the team. And now, Nerdist News has learned the full lineup, as casting is now underway. There are certainly a few surprises, including the inclusion of a key Batman supporting character.
As previously reported, Dick Grayson is the protagonist of Titans. However, it sounds like he won’t become Nightwing right away, as the pilot apparently begins with his still being Robin. Shortly after leaving Batman’s side, Grayson is now working as a detective in Boston. Grayson’s storyline is said to be “strikingly” similar to Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing run in the 1990s.
Next, we have the also previously revealed Raven and Starfire. The former is given the name of Rachel Roth, which she used in Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans run. Both characters will appear at the very end of the pilot. Nerdist also suggests that Starfire may have a romance with Grayson if the Titans series moves forward, as the two have been romantically linked in the comics and cartoon series. This could lead to a love triangle involving another female character.
That character is none other than Barbara Gordon, who is best known as the original Batgirl. In Titans, Barbara used to be Batgirl, but she has been confined to a wheelchair and now acts as the team’s computer hacker. This is obviously based on her time as Oracle, even though she isn’t actually called that in the pilot. Barbara was never an actual member of the Titans in the comics, but she is also known to have been involved romantically with Dick Grayson.
Finally, Titans will feature the fan-favorite duo of Hawk and Dove, both of whom were members in the comics. This iteration looks to be inspired by the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths version, as the two heroes will be romantic partners. It also sounds like Hawk and Dove will receive the most drastic changes look-wise from their comic book incarnations. Additionally, the pilot script doesn’t acknowledge Cyborg or Beast Boy, two longtime members. The former is understandable, as he looks to be a key part of DC’s movie universe.
With casting for Titans underway, official news should drop soon. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

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