Michael Rowe Discusses Return to ARROW as Deadshot and Will Smith

It was recently announced that the Suicide Squad was
returning to Arrow along with
Michael Rowe as Deadshot in the seventeenth episode of season three, entitled
“Suicidal Tendencies.”  This
will mark Rowe’s eight appearances as Floyd Lawton, and it that time has become
a popular character amongst the show’s fans. 
Comicbook.com spoke with the actor to discuss a number of subjects
related to the role.
Since the last time we saw Mr. Rowe as Deadshot Warner
Brothers announced that there would be a Suicide
movie and that Deadshot would be played by Hollywood powerhouse, Will
When asked how he felt about
Smith playing a role he’s brought to life for three years Rowe told them he had
mixed feelings at first but eventually came to feel that it was a compliment to
how much success the cast and crew of Arrow
have had with Deadshot and the Suicide Squad that Warner would tackle them in
film with this level of confidence.
Rowe had confidence that Smith is going to bring a lot to
the character.  “It’s gonna be fun, man, because he’s gonna
take the squad, and all the A-list stars, are gonna make the squad into a
household name and give it the respect that it’s due, so that makes me really
Rowe talked at length about the work he and the series’
stunt coordinators put into realism.  One
of the crew is a trained sniper from the Canadian military.  He offers up options for each scene for
posture and positioning and also walks Rowe’s through the ins and outs of the weapons
he uses in each scene.
He’s also researched
the comics to quite a degree as well as put in thought to both his character
and his relationship with David Ramsey’s character, Diggle.  “They
want to end up in the same place, but the steps one would take to get there are
completely opposite. So they’re kind of really drawn to each other because of
that. They’re like polar opposites and I’m really intrigued by how he makes
decisions and he’s really blown away by why I would do it the other way.
Lastly when asked on the prospects of an appearance on Flash or even a Suicide Squad spin-off, Rowe was very eager for either.  “I
would love to do this character more. That’s my problem with it, there’s so
much we can do, but there’s only so much we can do on Arrow… but I don’t know
now because of the film. If it ever does happen, I’m all in, 100%; I’d love to
do it.
Deadshot returns in episode seventeen, “Suicidal
Tendencies” later this year.

Source- Comicbook.com
Arrow airs
Wednesdays on the CW 8E and is available streaming.

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