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Henry Cavill Offers MAN OF STEEL 2 Update, Plus Rumors on His New DC Contract

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything official on Superman’s next solo movie, despite recent rumors. But appearing at CinemaCon this week, actor Henry Cavill offers a new update, expressing his desire to continue Superman’s story.

Speaking with Collider, Cavill says that he’s talking with the powers that be to put together a direct Man of Steel sequel, and he sounds as passionate as ever about playing the world’s most iconic superhero. “I’m having a lot of conversations, behind-the-scenes, with certain people and we will hopefully be having conversations with other people who are also behind-the-scenes to make things start happening. It is very much in my desire to do a Man of Steel 2, a direct sequel to Man of Steel, and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell. There is a whole style of Superman’s character that I’m very keen to tell and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.”

And Cavill could get his chance soon, if rumors are any indication. Collider has apparently heard that Cavill has been in negotiations to extend his DC contract. So far, he’s already done three movies, and he only has one more on his current contract. But under this new contract, Superman could be appearing across multiple movies in “small but memorable” roles (think Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), and he’ll be the glue that brings them all together. For example, he’s currently rumored for a cameo in the Shazam! movie.

Cavill is asked about this contract rumor, and his response is…very interesting. Click HERE to watch it.

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