Jeremy Jordan Joins the Cast of SUPERGIRL

The Supergirl
news is beginning to pick up the pace as shooting for the pilot nears.  Today, The Wrap reported that Jeremy Jordan
will guest star of the pilot with a chance to return as CatCo’s resident IT
whiz, Winslow Schott aka “Winn.”
Jordan is an experienced stage actor.  He’s performed on Broadway in productions of Newsies and Bonnie and Clyde.  He’s also
had numerous roles in television and film. 
He appeared in seventeen episodes of NBC’s Smash as Jimmy Collins; he’s also appeared on Law and Order SVU and CBS’ Elementary.  He also had a part in the film, The Last Five Years in 2014 and the
upcoming film, Outliving Emily.  (imdb)
Winslow Schott is the first of three characters in Superman
comics to be called, “Toyman.” 
He appeared first in Action Comics #64 in 1943.  Originally little more than an annoyance, as
the Toyman became more unstable he became more of a threat.   He has received a few retcons over the years
and even has a history with Cat Grant; he kidnapped and murdered her son, Adam.  This was later retconned to have been an act
of a robot posing as Toyman.  This will
be the fifth live-action appearance of Schott as the Toyman.  Most recently, he was played by Sherman
Helmsley in Lois and Clark and he a
recurring villain on Smallville.
In Supergirl,
Schott is an employee of CatCo and also Kara’s next door neighbor.  According to rumors about the pilot, he may
be the person who designs and provides Kara with her costume, which could potentially
make him something of a cross between Cisco from The Flash and Carrie Cutter aka “Cupid” from Arrow if the character returns after
the pilot.
Watchtower of Babel will provide more information on Supergirl as it becomes available.
Source- The Wrap
Supergirl is in
development at Warner Brothers and CBS.

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