Joseph Gilgun Joins PREACHER as Cassidy

It seems that the Preacher
cast is coming together.  We reported on
Ruth Negga and Ian Coletti joining the cast last week now another name can be
added to the cast: Joseph Gilgun. 
According to Deadline, the British actor will be playing Irish born
vampire, Cassidy.
The native of Northwestern England began his acting career at
age ten on the long running series, Coronation
as Jaime Armstrong.  He left
to complete his school and studied fashion design before deciding it was not
for him.  He eventually returned to
acting fulltime in 2005.  Most know the
actor from the film, This is England
and the subsequent television series based on the film.  More recently, he gained attention as Rudy
Wade on the series, Misfits.  He won an SFX Award for Breakout Performance for
his time on the show. (imdb)
Proinsias Cassidy was born in 1900 to a Catholic father and
Protestant mother.  He and his brother
attempted to take part in 1916 Irish insurrection against England known as the
“Easter Rising.”  As they
returned home, Proinsias was attacked and turned.  Once he figured out how to survive as a
vampire he left Ireland for America.  He
traveled the country for decades become eventually hooking up with Jesse and
The article also mentioned that Dominic Cooper, best known
as Howard Stark in Captain America: The
First Avenger
and Agent Carter
may be in talks to play the title role.
Preacher is in
development at Warner TV, Sony and AMC.

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