More from Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney on SUICIDE SQUAD; Ed Harris Addresses Rumors

Here, we have a couple more interview with cast members of Suicide Squad. First up, Captain Boomerang actor Jai Courtney has spoken with MTV about playing one of the very few Australian comic book characters. “I don’t know, can you name another Australian comic book hero off the top of your head? Is it safe to say that I’m playing the only Australian comic book character? That’s pretty damn cool.” 

Despite his excitement, Courtney was originally uninterested in joining the comic book movie craze. He recalls a conversation with Shia LaBeouf he had on the subject, and he then revealed that writer-director David Ayer was what sold him on Suicide Squad. “I remember saying, quite confidently, that there’s no way in hell I’d do a comic book movie. I’m like, ‘Man, it’s tired, it’s done, like, we’re so saturated in it right now, who cares,’ all this stuff – ‘I don’t go and see them.’ Two weeks later they’re like, ‘David Ayer wants to Skype,’ and I’m like, ‘Anything you want, baby.’” Courtney concludes his praise of Ayer with the following. ““It’s David Ayer, man, he’s not going to phone it in. It won’t be like a comic book movie we’ve seen before.”

Meanwhile, Run All Night co-stars Joel Kinnaman and Ed Harris recently spoke with Screen Rant. Of course, Kinnaman is set to play Rick Flagg Jr. in Suicide Squad, while Harris was rumored to be in consideration for the role of Flagg Sr.

Kinnaman reaffirms his love for the script and David Ayer, as well as the “amazing” story. “I love the script. It’s super entertaining and David Ayer is a really interesting director. You know there’s a lot of flashy directors who are good with the camera, but when you get people who are from another aspect of filmmaking into a director’s role, you’re always very happy if it’s a writer or an editor, because those are the storytellers, and David is really a storyteller… Even though this is a massive superhero production it’s an amazing story. The conversations we’ve had about the characters are really interesting, and he really gets to the bottom of things. Sometimes you’re worried, if you’re going to do a film like that, that it’s just going to be superhero fun but nothing’s going to go under the surface. But here I feel like we can get both.”

Additionally, Harris was asked if rumors of his joining Suicide Squad were true. “I don’t know anything about that,” he says, before revealing that there was a movie suggested by Kinnaman that he could be a part of. “Joel mentioned that there was something he wanted me to look at, or think about doing, but I don’t know if that was it or not.” Could that “something” be Suicide Squad? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Suicide Squad is scheduled to hit theaters August 5th, 2016. The third installment in the DC Cinematic Universe stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne, Viola Davis and Jared Leto. David Ayer writes and directs.

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