SUPERGIRL Pilot Casts Owain Yeoman as DC Villain Vartox

CBS’ Supergirl pilot is currently filming, but we have word on another casting addition to the adaptation. Comic Book Resources has confirmed a previous report from io9 that The Mentalist actor Owain Yeoman will guest star in the pilot as Vartox, a longtime villain found in DC Comics lore. The character was introduced in Superman #281 in 1974.

In Supergirl, Vartox is “an alien convict, who has been hiding on Earth for the past twelve years. After Supergirl’s emergence on Earth, Vartox seeks her out to ascertain her identity and do battle with her.” The CBS pilot marks Vartox’s first live action appearance. No word on whether this is a one-episode role or Vartox will become a recurring character if Supergirl is ordered to series.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it. If ordered to series, Supergirl will likely premiere on CBS this fall.

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