Angela Bassett Reflects on GREEN LANTERN’s Failure and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

Green Lantern was set to be the start of a DC Cinematic Universe for Warner Bros., but its critical and commercial failure in 2011 led to the studio reevaluating its plans. Man of Steel ended up being the official launch of the DCCU, with a dozen more movies expected to follow over the next few years. The Green Lantern movie will be completely ignored, with a reboot set for a 2020 release. The character is also expected to appear in at least one of the two Justice League films.

Despite the original Green Lantern being a flop, one actress still has fond memories of making it. Speaking with IGN, Angela Bassett, who played Amanda Waller in the movie, looks back on the production and how it didn’t connect with audiences. “You know, I enjoyed working on that. Of course you wish it had been bigger and more successful. But you just don’t know…I mean I know we put a lot of work in and I thought it was well done. You know, well-directed, acted, and cast. But, you never know what is going to just grab the audience and they won’t let go. So, that particular one wasn’t, but maybe it’ll come back around. Because there were some real die-hard fans for the Wall.”

Of course, Green Lantern will not mark the only time Amanda Waller appears on the big screen. Viola Davis will play the character in next year’s Suicide Squad, and she reportedly signed a multi-picture deal to reprise the role in other DC movies. Bassett gives her fellow Oscar nominee her blessing, saying, “She’ll be great. She’ll be great.”

Do you wish Bassett would have been given another shot at playing Waller, or is it good for WB to completely ignore 2011’s Green Lantern?

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