iZOMBIE Adds Adam Rose to Season Two Premiere

With the constant flow of Supergirl, Flash and Arrow news as well as the fandom
earthquake that was the Batman v
comic-con trailer one would not be blamed if they forgot that iZombie is also returning to the CW
this fall.  Production is underway and as
we all know that means casting announcements.
Meet Adam Rose…

Whoops, wrong one.  Meet
this Adam Rose.  
Adam’s first high profile role was in the
Woody Allen film Deconstructing Harry
starring Robin Williams.  After several
one-off roles on television including Malcolm
in the Middle
and The Sopranos
Adam landed on Veronica Mars where
he played “Max.”  Since then,
he’s continued working in television and film.  Later this year he will appear in the film Psychophonia, directed by another Veronica Mars alumnus, Brianne Davis.
Rose is appearing in the season two premiere where he will
be playing, “Byron McCoy.” 
Byron is described as a sensitive hipster prone to wearing ironic
t-shirts and passionate about the arts. Byron may have information on a recent
will return October 6th.
Source- TVLine

iZombie airs on
the CW, Tuesdays at 9E and is available streaming.
And remember, don’t be a lemon… be a Rose Bud.

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