Don’t Expect to See Booster Gold in LEGENDS OF TOMORROW; Will He Be in a DC Film?

The CW’s next superhero show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, will focus heavily on time travel, especially with the inclusion of time traveler Rip Hunter and the thousands of years-old Vandal Savage. This has led to speculation that another fan-favorite DC character, Booster Gold, could appear on the series. The producers of The Flash expressed interest in including the character in this universe, particularly since that SyFy series from a few years back never moved forward.

However, don’t expect Booster to appear in Legends of Tomorrow – at least in its first season. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Phil Klemmer confirmed that Booster Gold will not show up anytime soon, possibly because he’ll be in something even greater. “I wish I could tease a Booster thing but, you might have to wait a good long while at least on our show. Perhaps Booster is being groomed for bigger things.” What could these “bigger things” be?

THR speculates that Booster Gold could be popping up in one of Warner Bros.’ DC films, set in the DC Extended Universe. The Blaze Comics publisher was briefly referenced in Man of Steel, while a low budget Booster Gold movie was rumored to be in development a couple years ago. So, it’s possible that Booster Gold could very well appear in the DCEU sooner or later. The question is, will it be in his own film or another character’s?

In other Legends of Tomorrow news, the crew offered a few more details on what to expect. Franz Drameh’s Jay Jackson character, who is rumored to be the new one-half of Firestorm, is not a cover for a DC Comics hero. So, it’s possible that Jackson will be an entirely original character created for the show. Also, Hawkgirl’s origin will be one of the “more faithful origins” told in the Arrow-verse, while the series will be influenced by Keith Griffin’s run on Justice League International.

For even more tidbits from THR’s interview, click the link above. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere early next year.

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