Justice Leak Joins SUPERGIRL Cast as Hellgrammite

Some Supergirl casting
news to close out your week and this is frankly one of the most appropriately named
actors in a long, long time.  Justice
Leak, best known for his role in the film The
Great Debaters
has been cast as Hellgrammite.
Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, Peak is the son of a
police officer.  His father had decided
on the name while serving in Vietnam and vowed to do so if he survived his tour
of duty.  Peak hit the screen in 2004
with a role in the horror movie, Jack
.  From there he had parts
in film such as; Chosen, Death of
and in 2007 he co-starred with Denzel Washington in the biopic, The Great Debaters.  More recently, Peak has appeared more on
television than films including; Drop
Dead Diva, The Breakup Diaries
and The
Walking Dead
.  In addition to his
role on Supergirl, Peak will have a
recurring role as “Cutter” on the series Powers.  (imdb)
Hellgrammite was created by Bob Haney and Neal Adams and
first appeared in The Brave and the Bold
issue #80.  Entomologist Roderick Rose
experimented on himself and transformed into a grasshopper-like creature with
enhanced strength, agility and other insectoid abilities.  Post-Crisis he became something of a foe for
Superman when he was hired to kill Lex Luthor. 
He was presumed dead during his time as a member of the Suicide Squad,
but resurfaced as a hitman in Superman comics after the “One Year
Later” event.  He has appeared on Justice League Unlimited in the episode
“The Cat and the Canary” as well as the episode “Time Out for
Vengeance” in the Batman: The Brave
and the Bold
According to imdb, Leak will appear in episode two, which is
currently untitled.

Supergirl airs Monday Nights at 8E on CBS starting
October 26th, 2015.

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