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Recap: SUPERGIRL Season 1, Episode 12 ‘Bizarro’

Warning this review contains spoilers.

After last the couple of episodes focusing on Winn and Hank, it was time that the focus went back to Kara. We finally get to see Bizzaro in action, and boy was it a treat! We take a quick trip to the past as we see Bizzaro’s origin (via flashback). We see Maxwell Lord training this Supergirl clone to kill Supergirl. He makes the clone feel pain whenever she sees Supergirl. Being a clone of Kara means that she has all of her powers and weaknesses, but we’ll get into that later.

We see Kara and Adam go on their date, and things are going well until a tramway starts malfunctioning. This leads to awkwardly leaving with a lame excuse about her grandmother. Once she goes to rescue the people on the tramway she gets her first look at the Bizarro clone in person. Confused, Kara starts asking the clone where did she come from, but bizarro is having none of this. She fights Kara on the tramway and the people inside are in serious trouble. The fight goes on and the humans eventually fall to their death; but of course Supergirl saves them. The Bizarro clone sees Supergirl saving these people and thinks that Supergirl is not as bad as Maxwell led her to believe. Lord tries to brainwash her again, and succeeds. We see that even though the clone was made to be a killer, she still  has Supergirl’s heart.

Later we see that Cat Grant actually being nice to Kara, but we soon discover that she’s only acting this way because Kara is dating her son, Adam. The entire Kara/Adam subplot wasn’t the strongest part of the episode, but it was still cute. The chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner was fantastic. You really felt like they cared about each other; even though they’ve only known each other for two episodes. 
Once James and Winn find out about Kara dating Adam they both get a little jealous. Winn excepts that he’s already in the friend-zone, but encourages James to stay out of the friend-zone and go after Kara. Winn says it’s not fair to Lucy if James still has feelings for Kara, no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who loves someone else. James is coming across as a real jerk with this whole Lucy, Kara love triangle. One day he’s dating Lucy, and the next he’s flirting with Kara. It’s really turning James into an unlikable character. Hopefully now things will start  to get James back to being a decent character.
Another thing I want to mention is how good a friend Winn is. He’s been friend-zoned by Kara, and has a weird relationship with James, but he is still be the best friend ever! Honestly, he really deserves to be treated a lot better.     

Hank, Alex and the D.E.O. are trying to figure out a way to stop Bizarro and Maxwell Lord. Alex wants to straight up arrest Lord, but Hank wants the D.E.O. to stay hidden and lord is too big of a celebrity. Later that day Kara had another date with Adam, and just when they start to kiss Kara is kidnapped by Bizarro. Alex come with a ton of D.E.O agents and shot Bizarro with kryptonite, but it only made her stronger. The clone is just as powerful as Supergirl, but her powers are reversed: Supergirl has freeze breath, Bizarro has fire breath, Supergirl is weakened by kryptonite, Bizarro is strengthened by kryptonite etc. It’s kind of funny how we had the Reverse Flash on The Flash last week, and now we have the reverse Supergirl. Anyways, Bizarro is a very sympathetic character, she never did anything to deserve what happened to her. The fact that Maxwell experimented on six other girls makes it even worse. 
Meanwhile Maxwell is teaching the Bizarro clone to hate Kara even more because the kryptonite ruined her skin, and now she considers herself ugly. Max knows Kara’s identity and is willing to tell the entire world. This leads to Alex arresting him against Hank’s wishes. This leads to a little drama between Hank and Alex, but thankfully it was resolved soon. while Max is in his cell it we find out that Bizarro has taken James. Bizarro took James because she loves him, and so she knows Kara loves him. Max wanted Bizarro to hurt the people Kara loved, and so now James is in danger. James remembers what Winn told him earlier in the episode. He told Bizarro how he feels about Kara, and while the was the ultimate venting session it was nice to see James not be the annoyance he was for the last few episodes. Supergirl comes to Jimmy’s rescue, and the final battle begins! Sadly, I found the showdown between Supergirl and Bizarro a bit underwhelming, but it was still affective.

Overall this was another solid episode. Seeing Kara want to help Bizarro just showed how nice of a person she is. It really showed us that Kara is a real hero, others would have had the clone killed, but Kara wanted to save her. She was really come a long way since the first episode.
I’m glad that Adam was left the picture. While I liked the relationship between Kara and Adam it just felt weird having another love interest. Now we’ll have to see what happens between Kara and Cat Grant, we already see Cat blaming Kara for Adam leaving. 
With Maxwell Lord locked up it’ll interesting to see who the main antagonist will be moving forward. Will Astra carry the rest of the season or will the White Martians return? I certainly can’t wait to find out.  


Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.

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