More from Producer Charles Roven on PG-13 vs. R Ratings in the DC Extended Universe

In a new interview with Collider, DC Extended Universe producer Charles Roven again discussed the topic of MPAA ratings for these movies. Despite the huge success of Fox’s Deadpool, an R-rated superhero comedy, Warner Bros. still plans to keep its DC movies PG-13.

Roven reaffirms that in this interview, and he rehashes past comments about Suicide Squad targeting a PG-13 rating. He then gives his reasoning for why the DCEU should remain PG-13…for the time being, anyways. “…I think that the DC Justice League characters, particularly because so many of them are so iconographic, have been around for so long and for so many generations that have grown up with them, and that are still growing up with them, I think we want to present them, when we finally present them, to the broadest possible audience that we can. I think that’s why we’ve planned on making these movies PG-13. I’m not seeing any real reason to change. We’ve made some pretty edgy films that are rated PG-13. You never want to say ‘never’ because we all evolve, but right now I think we’re staying that course.”

But what about some of DC’s non-Justice League characters, such as Lobo? The other day, it was reported that a Lobo movie was moving forward, and that’s a property that could work well as a response to Deadpool. What does Roven have to say about Lobo? “I am a fan of other DC characters, [but] I’m not producing those films. Right now my focus on the DC Universe is the DC Justice League Universe, and the DC Justice League Universe is the DC Justice League heroes and the DC Justice League villains. So I have not really focused yet on finding a character.” However, Roven suggests that there is one idea being considered, but it’s very early days for that. “There’s a group we’re maybe kicking around the idea of it. We haven’t actually yet fully put it into development so I can’t really talk about it, I’m sorry. But at present, for the time being, we’re headed down this course.”

So, unless we get an R-rated director’s cut on home video (like the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition), don’t expect the DCEU to go beyond PG-13 territory, at least anytime soon. But if/when Warner Bros. does change its mind, check out our new feature for five potential R-rated DC movies.

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