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Review: IRON FIST Seasons 1 and 2

Since I did
Luke Cage seasons 1 and 2, I thought I might as well do both seasons of Iron
considering the second season is out now.

Iron Fist
season 1 is one of the worst shows of “television” I’ve seen in years.
It feels like a generic Dallas clone with some supernatural elements to
it. The fight
scenes (which you would argue is a big key to an Iron Fist adaptation)
is downright [insert censor beep here].
It also has some of the worst written
lines I ever head. However, the worst aspect of the first season
is the lead himself. I pulled my hair in frustration on more than one occasion
due to Danny Rand.

No matter how true or untrue to the comics it is (coming from someone that
haven’t read a single Iron Fist comic book), the first season is a hot mess. If there is anything that I did like, then it
was Jessica Henwick, who plays Danny’s love interest Colleen Wing.

With that said. Let’s continue to season

I can safely say that I would not have gotten through this review if it had not been for a
particular episode in season two of Luke Cage. I will not spoil what happened. But I can safely say that you can wonder if it was an apology letter from
Netflix about Danny’s previous season.

Even if season two ain’t something mindblowing, I still want to say that it’s
night and day when it comes to quality. First off, I like the main character.
Danny Rand is likable. Dragon Balls may exist after all.

The story feels like it wants to be a superhero show and a good one at that.  It had my interest from the beginning to the
end. I can even admit that I liked the relationship between Colleen and Danny.
The fight scenes are just a pure delight to watch. Unlike before, they are
thrilling, fast-paced. They are a pure
joy to watch.

At the end of it. If you didn’t like season one, like me, but enjoyed Danny in that Luke Cage episode, I recommend you to
give it a chance.

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