FEATURE: Five Storylines to Consider for BLACK PANTHER 2

We’re very close to the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, which is shaping up to be one of the studio’s biggest hits yet. Early word has been extremely positive, while the film has been on track for a huge opening weekend. So, it shouldn’t be surprising if Marvel puts out a sequel sooner than later.
There is still plenty of material from Black Panther lore that can be mined for one or more sequels, including many iconic storylines.
Below, we list five storylines that we would love to see considered for a Black Panther sequel.

Rise of the Black Panther
“Rise of the Black Panther” is a current series chronicling T’Challa’s origin story, as well as the kings before him. The first issue begins with Azzuri, the Black Panther who was king during World War II, before going into the life of T’Chaka and birth of T’Challa. The issue ends with T’Chaka’s death.
This issue alone could make some compelling material for a new Black Panther movie. Black Panther 2 could easily explore Wakanda’s past kings, offering more insight into the nation’s history before the arrival of T’Challa. Or, they can just as easily make a prequel that stars Azzuri or a young T’Chaka set in the past, rather than a modern-day sequel with T’Challa. Either way, “Rise of the Black Panther” offers some interesting material that can be mined for future films.
Man Without Fear
“The Man Without Fear” comic book arc sees T’Challa without his kingdom or Vibranium. Rather, he replaces Daredevil as the new defender of Hell’s Kitchen and faces new enemies. The series saw T’Challa take on a new life, and he faces more street-level foes here than in Wakanda. A similar approach could make for an engaging Black Panther sequel.
Daredevil already exists in the MCU with his Netflix series, but with the Marvel films/television shows not being too connected, it’s unlikely they’ll do a completely faithful adaptation of “Man Without Fear.” But they can still take the basic concept of T’Challa (temporarily) being exiled from Wakanda and becoming a crimefighter in another part of the world. It would offer interesting character development and a new setting for the hero.
A Nation Under Our Feet

Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the current Black Panther comic. His first story, “A Nation Under Our Feet,” was critically acclaimed, bringing the character to new heights. The series explores the political world of Wakanda, and it offers compelling character arcs for T’Challa and the Dora Milaje. In fact, writer-director Ryan Coogler said he was inspired by these comics.

It’s unknown how much of this run will be present in Black Panther, but it would be great to see the sequel adapt some of this material. The series would fit right into the current direction of the MCU, with its political approach and emphasis on the Dora Milaje. And considering how popular this series is, it only makes sense to pull from it for a movie adaptation or two.

Enemy of the State
A part of Christopher Priest’s acclaimed run, “Enemy of the State” also heavily features political and social themes. In this storyline, T’Challa discovers a conspiracy within the U.S. government to stage a coup in Wakanda. The storyline also explores his relationship with the Avengers.
It would make sense to draw from this story for a Black Panther sequel. They would play up the political tensions between Wakanda and the United States, while it would take advantage of adapting one of Black Panther’s most familiar comic book stories – even if it’s not a direct adaptation.
Bride of the Panther
The final suggestion is the most self-explanatory. In the comics, T’Challa meets Storm, the two fall in love, and they get married. Their wedding was a big event in the Marvel Universe, with many iconic heroes in attendance. The original story takes place during the “Civil War” arc.
With Disney looking to acquire 20th Century Fox, the X-Men franchise will likely join the MCU after the deal closes. An ideal way to bring the X-Men into this universe is to have Storm in Black Panther 2. Play up her romance with T’Challa, and establish her as a character independent from the X-Men. However, Disney still has to finalize the deal, which could take a while. But if it happens, this is one crossover I’d love to see.
What storyline do you want to see adapted in Black Panther 2?

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