FEATURE: Five Characters We Want to See in BLACK PANTHER 2

We’re very close to the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, which is shaping up to be one of the studio’s biggest hits yet. Early word has been extremely positive, while the film has been on track for a massive opening weekend. So, it shouldn’t be surprising if Marvel puts out a sequel sooner than later.
There is still plenty of material from Black Panther lore that can be mined for one or more sequels, including a wealthy supporting cast of heroes and villains.
Below, we list five characters that we would love to see in a Black Panther sequel.
Achebe is one of T’Challa’s more prominent enemies in the comics, known for his strategic skills, agility, and creepy grin. Creator Christopher Priest describes him as the Joker to Black Panther’s Batman. Achebe’s origin is unclear, but the character has instigated many conflicts over the years, and his obsession with T’Challa has led to multiple confrontations.
Black Panther already features several members of T’Challa’s rogues gallery, so it would only make sense for sequels to continue mining that. When deciding on a main villain for the next movie, Achebe is the most obvious choice. Seeing the Reverend’s insanity play out on film would be interesting, and that grin alone would make him one of the MCU’s creepier villains.
White Wolf

Another Black Panther enemy in the comics is Hunter, aka White Wolf. After his parents’ deaths, Hunter is adopted by T’Chaka, and he becomes envious when T’Challa later takes the throne. After the disbanding of the police force Hatut Zeraze, Hunter left Wakanda and became a mercenary.
Introducing T’Challa’s adopted brother in a Black Panther sequel would be interesting. It would add to the family drama, while dealing with the brutality of the Hatut Zeraze could be intriguing. The tricky thing is that the brother vs. brother trope has been done in superhero movies like Thor and Aquaman, but with the right execution, I think they can pull off the T’Challa/Hunter dynamic on film.
Daniel Brühl’s Helmut Zemo debuted in Captain America: Civil War, succeeding in tearing the Avengers apart from within. (At least until Infinity War, that is.) Most prominently, Zemo orchestrated the events that led to the death of T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, and his becoming king of Wakanda. Zemo was later taken into custody by the authorities.
Traditionally a Captain America villain, Civil War transformed Zemo into an enemy to all the Avengers, particularly Black Panther. Considering the character’s close ties to T’Challa, it only makes sense that Zemo returns in a Black Panther sequel. It’d be great to see that plot point be picked up again, while pitting him against T’Challa (again) would make for an emotional confrontation.
Kasper Cole
Several characters have taken up the mantle of White Tiger in the Marvel Universe, but the one most closely tied to Black Panther is Kasper Cole. Kasper was introduced as an NYPD officer who was caught up in the conflict between T’Challa and White Wolf, and he becomes a vigilante in Harlem. Eventually, T’Challa volunteers to train Kasper as a new hero.
Seeing T’Challa take up an apprentice of sorts would make for an interesting Black Panther 2 story. It could bring in the theme of legacy, and even toy with potentially making Kasper a successor to the Black Panther mantle. Also, if White Wolf is the villain, they can play up Kasper’s decision to align himself with one or the other, which could make for an engaging story.
Finally, we have perhaps the biggest (and most unrealistic?) character. Best known for her role in the X-Men, Ororo Munroe was also a love interest to T’Challa in the comics. Their wedding was a big event in the Marvel Universe, even if it was only temporary. With Disney looking to acquire 20th Century Fox, the X-Men franchise will likely join the MCU after the deal closes.
An ideal way to bring the X-Men into this universe is to introduce Storm in Black Panther 2. Play up her romance with T’Challa, and establish her as a character independent from the X-Men. Storm is currently played by Alexandra Shipp in the X-Men films, but they’ll probably recast for an MCU reboot. That is, if it even happens. Disney has to finalize the deal, which could take a while. But if it happens, this is one crossover I’d love to see.
Honorable Mentions: Monica Lynne, Bucky Barnes, Azari, Nick Fury, Queen Divine Justice

Which characters do you want to see in Black Panther 2?

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