FEATURE: Five New Characters We Want to See in WONDER WOMAN 2

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DC Films’ Wonder Woman is gathering strong early reactions from both fans and critics, while it is on track for a great opening weekend at the box office. Thus, it would make sense for Warner Bros. to put a sequel on the fast track. Director Patty Jenkins previously expressed interest in making a second Wonder Woman movie, specifically telling another standalone story.

Wonder Woman introduces many iconic characters from Diana Prince’s cast of supporting characters, including Steve Trevor, Etta Candy, Ares, and all of the Amazons on Themyscira. Naturally, a sequel should continue that trend. There are many different heroes and villains from Wonder Woman’s 76-year history that can definitely pop up later in the franchise.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of five Wonder Woman characters who should appear in a sequel, whether it’s the second movie or maybe a third installment.

The mantle of Cheetah has been assumed by multiple individuals through DC’s history, but the most prominent one has been Barbara Ann Minerva. Cheetah has consistently served as one of Wonder Woman’s biggest enemies, and she is probably the first that people think of when discussing Diana’s rogues gallery. So, it would be a logical step in having Cheetah appear in Wonder Woman 2.
The first story arc in Wonder Woman Rebirth heavily featured Cheetah, and it would be an interesting direction for a movie sequel. Another potential story would involve Cheetah as a side villain and another, more prominent antagonist (more on that later). But either way, it would be disappointing to not involve one of Wonder Woman’s biggest villains in her movie series.
Donna Troy
In the comics, Donna Troy is the original character to become Wonder Girl, a younger ally of Wonder Woman. Troy is also one of the founding members of the Teen Titans, back when the team was created in the 1980s. Despite her complicated origins in the comics, Troy is a favorite among fans. So, it would be very cool to introduce her into the Wonder Woman movies.
My basic idea is to introduce Troy in Wonder Woman 2, depicted as a young woman inspired by Diana and seeking to continue her legacy. That would create an interesting character dynamic; perhaps it leads to Diana exploring her own legacy as Wonder Woman? After this film, Troy could go on to join the DCEU’s Teen Titans, if that ever happens.
Circe is another key member of Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery. The character was actually rumored to appear in the first Wonder Woman movie, with Eva Green allegedly in consideration for the role. Obviously, that didn’t happen. So, why not do it for the sequel?
Circe would serve as a more magical opponent for Diana, while it would take the franchise deeper into the Greek mythos. (The first movie will explore Ares, Zeus, and more.) She could serve as the big bad in Wonder Woman 2, which would also have Cheetah and/or someone else as a side villain. After Ares, the next logical step should be Circe.
Steve Trevor Jr.
Back when Chris Pine was cast as Steve Trevor, the actor signed a multi-picture contract to reprise the role in later films. However, Wonder Woman takes place in World War I, while the other DCEU movies are in the present day. (We assume Wonder Woman 2 will be as well, or at least closer to it on the timeline.) So, chances are, Trevor isn’t alive anymore in the present timeline. Or is he?
The original Wonder Woman television show featured two Steve Trevors: The father from World War II, and his son from the 1970s. The films can easily do something similar. Say Trevor has a grandson in the present day named Steve Trevor Jr., and he just happens to look exactly like Trevor Sr. That would be one way to continue Pine’s role in the DCEU, and perhaps the most likely.
And finally, we have the God of Death himself. Again, Wonder Woman will explore the character’s roots in Greek mythology, so it only makes sense to bring in Hades sooner or later. Hades could easily be a formidable foe for Diana; he could make Ares look like a cakewalk. If Hades isn’t in Wonder Woman 2, then he would be the perfect big bad for a third movie.
My favorite story involving Hades is in the Justice League Unlimited animated series, where he is close to Queen Hippolyta and the Themyscirans. In fact, the big twist is that Hades is Diana’s father. I doubt that the DCEU iteration will do something similar, but if it did, then it would be a big game-changer for the series.
Which characters do you want to see in Wonder Woman 2?

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