FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4×22- “Think Fast”

The Flash (4×22) – “Think
Written by:         Sam Chalsen & Kristen Kim
Directed by:       Viet
So we’re finally here.
After months and months. 
After confrontations with our villain, the departures of old
friends Wally West, Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick.  After crossovers and Nazis and trials and
most importantly, the introduction of Ralph Dibny who went from a comic relief
jerk that grew into a part of the team and a hero in his own right and his
heroic death…
We got here.  The final
battle between The Flash and The Thinker is upon us!
Or at least it is at the completion of this episode.  We’ve still got some set up to do twenty-two
episodes into the season…
Frankly, this was definitely the set up episode for the finale
so not all that much happened in the Flash vs Thinker storyline but we did get
quite a few interesting tidbits out of our side stories.
The most interesting tease is probably that (barring some sort
of time travel) Caitlin did not get her powers from the accelerator blast.  Not only is this a way to get her powers back
but it could lead to an interesting plot down the line.
The Harry plot is strange to me because it seems to imply that
the writers and producers believe to some degree that emotions and intelligence
are in conflict with each other.  Which
is a sentiment I do not agree with at all.
I’ll be
interested to final look back on this as a whole because quite frankly, this
feeling of stalling has worn thin.
Three Things We Learned This Week:
1)      Caitlin’s
powers did not come from the Particle accelerator explosion.
2)      Barry
can impart his powers on non-speedsters for a few moments.
3)      Cecile’s
powers are getting stronger.
Three Questions:
1)      Were
Caitlin’s parents hiding her powers from her?
2)      Is
Barry immune to the Enlightenment or can he undo it in time?
3)      Are
Cecile’s powers really temporary?

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